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1767 - 1950

History of Benson

Thomas Jeffrys 1767 map of Bensington and the surrounding area.

This map showed more detail of the county of Oxfordshire than any made previously.

It was also the first with longitude, based on Greenwich.

History of Benson
Richard Davis 1797 map of Bensington and the surounding area.

The first map of Oxfordshire at a scale large enough to show such detail as field layouts, lanes, brooks and buildings.

History of Benson
Andrew Bryant map of Bensington 1823

Ordnance Survey map of the area around the church 1878

History of Benson

Prepared by Colin English from the Ordnance Survey OS six-inch England and Wales Berkshire Sheet XVI  1883 Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

History of Benson
1914 Map of Benson
History of Benson

Map to show positions of the 1932 bypass, (now St Helen's Avenue) which was cut off when the airfield was expanded and the 1942 diversion (now the A4074). KCB is the site of the Keep the Countryside Beautiful roadhouse, which was demolished to make way for the runways.

Map of Benson in 1950, hand drawn by Ernest George Lane, who lived in the village.


The nine pubs were numbered as follows: 1. Three Horseshoes, 2. White Hart, 3. The Castle, 4. The Sun,

5. The Red Lion, 6. The Crown, 7. Farmer's Man, 8. Lamb and Flag, 9. The Swan at Preston Crowmarsh

Twenty old maps of Bensington and Benson were published in "The Ditmas History of Benson" by Edith Ditmas. To order a copy of this book please click the button.

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